Do you pray for your spouse?

We pray passionately for many areas of our lives, but find little time to pray intentionally for our spouse. What if the answer isn’t to “try” more, but to pray more? We entrust things we care about most to the Father through prayer, but often skip out on prayer for the partner with whom we face those things.

I am starting to see there is a difference between “saying prayers” and honest praying. Both can sound the same on the outside, but the former is too often motivated by a sense of obligation and guilt; whereas the latter is motivated by a conviction that I am completely helpless to “do life” on my own. Or in the case of praying for others, that I am completely helpless to help others without the grace and power of God.
— Paul E. Miller, A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World

The Spouse Prayer Journal serves to help you be intentional in praying for your spouse by praying through 30 Topics. It contains:

  • Bible Verse for each Topic

  • Devotional

  • Husband Guided Prayer

  • Wife Guided Prayer

  • Prayer Journal Section

  • Listening Prayer Journal Section to Write Out How God Wants You to Serve Your Spouse on that Topic